About Us

What is the Steel Valley Authority (SVA)?

The Steel Valley Authority (SVA) is a multi-municipality governmental authority addressing layoff aversion throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For a quarter of a century, SVA has been helping workers, their families, small manufacturers, and communities survive changes in the global economy. 

Starting as a small, regional initiative in response to the dramatic loss of local manufacturing jobs around Pittsburgh and the Mon Valley, the Steel Valley Authority has evolved into a nationally acclaimed leader in layoff aversion driving both new economic policy and innovative programs to effectively save and create manufacturing jobs.  SVA works to revitalize American manufacturing through a number of innovative fronts:

Over the past 25 years the SVA has earned a reputation of significant accomplishments in economic revitalization and pioneered the Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN) in Pennsylvania, gaining incomparable expertise in business and manufacturing investment, retention and development. Building on its success, SVA has established locations in Harrisburg, Bethlehem, Bristol and Erie. The SEWN team saves jobs through the layoff aversion program by turning around critical manufacturing firms every day, one company at a time, in every county across the state.

The “bridge” symbol in the logo represents the values SVA believes in.

  • It is a bridge to the craftsmanship and artisanship of the past, our industrial heritage.
  • It is a bridge used to cross troubled times faced by managers and workers who manufacture the pieces that drive our economy and put food on our tables.
  • It is a bridge to the green advanced manufacturing jobs of the future that will employ our children.

Steel Valley Authority Overview