Community Projects

In addition to the SVA intervening with companies in crisis on workplace retention, it works regionally to implement innovative community and neighborhood revitalization initiatives.  The Authority has collaborated with numerous communities in the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County to identify and obtain state and federal resources for industrial community redevelopment, and to revitalize our neighborhoods, mill towns and mill sites over the years.  To create this positive change in our communities, the SVA has established a Community and Economic Development Grant Program.  Community and economic redevelopment activities may be defined as those necessary for a community to enhance quality of life and/or to become competitive for business retention, expansion and attraction.  The Grant Program supports local initiatives that improve the stability of communities and enhance local economic conditions.  The SVA has also conducted numerous strategic research projects that help revitalize our economy.

A fourth round of Community Revitalization Grants, supported by Senator Jay Costa and Representative Marc Gergely, totalling $85,000 has been completed.  For over 15 years, the SVA has been honored to provide $570,000 in grant awards to deserving communities and organizations. 

For a list of the most recent grants awarded to local municipalities click here.