Historical Revitalization

For 25 years, the SVA has worked to support the economic revitalization of the lower Mon Valley, a neighborhood of communities from Pittsburgh to the Allegheny County line.  Many of these river towns and industrial communities have never completely recovered from the economic distress.  Revitalization initiatives throughout the years include:

Hays Ammunition Plant - the Steel Valley Authority was instrumental in the successful conversion of the 200,000 square-foot Hays Ammunition Plant to City of Pittsburgh ownership. The SVA spent three years coordinating the conversion of the armory, which had previously been closed for 15 years, to local ownership. During that time the SVA was able to raise millions of dollars from the federal government, with Congressman Bill Coyne’s leadership, to complete an environmental clean up and partial rehabilitation of the building.  Through the efforts of the SVA, the federal government sold the building and property to the City of Pittsburgh for $1. The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA) then deeded the property to the Pittsburgh Economic & Industrial Development Corporation (PEIDC) who made significant renovations and leased the property to GalvTech in 1995.

Community Revitalization Program - SVA Regional Jobs Corporation is awarded the 1st round of funding in the amount of $335,000 in community revitalization grants to 50 municipal and community projects in the Mon Valley and City of Pittsburgh.

Regional Community Audit - The SVA compiled a Regional Community Audit with the support of the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, which sponsored the first Community Audit in the region.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a community audit is “a systematic analysis of a regional labor market—both its demand and its supply side—and a cataloging of the workforce development resources available to citizens and development practitioners.”  Community audits are envisioned as means by which local stakeholders—community members, industry and labor leaders, workers, and community leaders; can better understand local business and labor trends and invest appropriately in response to those needs.

Assessment of a Workforce Training Program - In cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, the SVA conducted an assessment of the metal fabrication industrial cluster to evaluate the applicability to other companies of a workforce training program under development for Maglev.  Workers at Maglev were trained in precision measurement, weld distortion control, and robotic fabrication. This study helped the Department of Labor and Industry assess the scope of the workforce training needs in these techniques within this important cluster.

Mon Valley Power LLC - The Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority awarded the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County, a grant to assist Allegheny County and Mon Valley Power LLC’c development of an environmentally friendly electrical power plant in McKeesport. The Steel Valley Authority assistied Mon Valley Power LLC, in its efforts to hopefully create a sustainable, clean, power project that utilizes municipal solid wastes and biomass fuels.  The SVA worked with Mon Valley Power to identify industries in the Mon Valley whose waste products could be recycled into usable commodities.  The SVA also helped Mon Valley Power identify potential sources of biomass fuels as well as investors with an interest in energy development projects.

Community Revitalization Program - SVA is awarded a 2nd round of funding in the amount of $150,000 for its community revitalization grant program from DCED sponsored by Senator Jay Costa.

Community Revitalization Program - SVA awarded a 3rd and 4th round of funding in the amount of $85,000 for its community revitalization grant program.  The grants were sponsored by Senator Jay Costa ($50,000) and Representative Marc Gergely ($35,000) both funded by DCED.  See list of community projects awarded funding.