Heartland Capital Strategies

Heartland Capital Strategies' (HCS) predecessor, the Heartland Network, was co-founded by the Steel Valley Authority, the Steelworkers and AFL-CIO in 1995 to harness the power of workers’ capital to prudently invest in good jobs and revitalize industrial communities.  Since then, Heartland has helped bring attention to a group of remarkable responsible investors, capitalized by pension funds, in the U.S. and Canada. Inspired by the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), Heartland Capital Strategies promotes investments and projects essential for revitalizing the productive economy and community prosperity of America and Canada.

The Heartland team interfaces with a network of innovative investment leaders who steward responsible capital funds and who are committed to investing in sustainable enterprises, energy finance, real estate projects, and to developing a domestic supply chain for the emerging clean economy market.

HCS’s professional team and advisory board also serve as a clearinghouse for a responsible investor network, matching sustainable companies and projects with responsible investors, and facilitating project completion (when requested).

Heartland’s research, education and teaching capacities are also an invaluable “knowledge source” for capital stewards, including pension trustees and investment managers, and progressive business, labor and public policy leaders.  HCS is committed to demonstrating, teaching and promoting responsible investment principles and projects to create a fair and clean economy.

Heartland Capital  Strategies continues its leadership in publicizing progress in the burgeoning PRI movement.  HCS’s website (www.heartlandnetwork.org) is a comprehensive website that is was launched to monitor the real economy and to track responsible investments (RI).  HCS web will report on RI initiatives and policies, and break down responsible investment successes. 

HCS will also continue to expose reckless institutional fund investments that are undermining workers’ savings, debilitating our manufacturing sector, and harming the economy.  To learn more about HCS, visit our website http://heartlandnetwork.org/