Layoff Aversion Technical Assistance (LATTE)

LATTE Mission:  Capitalizing on the success of our SEWN program and in authoring the U.S. DOL’s Layoff Aversion Guide, SVA’s Layoff Aversion Training / Technical Expertise (LATTE) program generates income by providing layoff aversion consulting services to states and other interested parties.

LATTE provides direct training and technical assistance for states, communities, business sector networks, labor unions and NGOs to establish layoff aversion programs.

For instance, beginning in 2008, the SVA began assisting the State of New York DOL to design a layoff aversion system that would be fully integrated with its Business Services and Rapid Rapid Response programs.  The new program was launched at the end of 2009 in Downstate New York, addressing the needs of four industry sectors and averting the layoffs of workers impacted by the Wall Street financial markets collapse and the recession.

The LATTE Program “Up-Close”

  • An orientation for staff, consultants or workforce/economic development stakeholders on the manufacturing retention, early warning monitoring and layoff aversion strategies.  
  • Mapping the infrastructure of  rapid response, workforce/economic development, turnaround and investment communities.
  • Comparative research of the best industry monitoring tools (public and private-fee sources).   
  • Comparative research of state-of-the-art general retention strategies, including financial restructuring options, operations and cost reviews, and ownership transition/buyouts.
  • Policy options to integrate workforce and economic development information systems and resources around this field.
  • Methods and options for systems implementation.

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Thomas Croft
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