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Steel Valley Authority is the nationally recognized leader in layoff aversion, responsible investment and innovative economic policy. Our mission is contributing to renewed prosperity and sustainable communities through our expertise and continued innovation in job saving and capital strategies.

4/1/11 - PA Association of Community Bankers - SEWN

Community Banks and SEWN
Revitalizing Pennsylvania’s Economy at the Local Level
April, 2010

With its core mission of layoff aversion and job retention, the Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN) works closely with small to medium sized manufacturing companies throughout Pennsylvania. The SEWN team:

  • Responds to troubled and targeted businesses;
  • Provides diagnostic assistance to determine root causes of distress, and;
  • Assembles layoff aversion services to help stabilize, restructure, turn around, or attract buyers for the troubled business. 

The Pennsylvania manufacturing industry contributes approximately 14% of our gross state product, with an annual output of $75.5 billion in 2008. Still, with such a large percentage of Pennsylvania’s economy tied to manufacturing, this employment sector experienced a job loss of 9.1% in the past year. Read entire article