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Steel Valley Authority is the nationally recognized leader in layoff aversion, responsible investment and innovative economic policy. Our mission is contributing to renewed prosperity and sustainable communities through our expertise and continued innovation in job saving and capital strategies.

Up From Wall Street: The Responsible Investment Alternative (2009, Cosimo)

By Thomas Croft
Forward by Richard L. Trumka, President, AFL-CIO

In 2008, as working Americans and retirees watched trillions of dollars vanish before our eyes, enveloped in the crash and burn of Wall Street's bottom line, we awake searching for answers and alternatives to the reckless loans and dicey short-term bets that ravaged savings and retirement assets.

Up From Wall Street: The Responsible Investment Alternative cites strategic and socially responsible investment paths that have the capacity to rebuild our economy and infrastructure, reinvigorate our cities, and create the highly-anticipated green jobs of the future.  Through real-life stories and case studies, Thomas Croft illustrates how responsibly investing savings assets, pensions, insurance funds, and other trusts can generate positive social, economic, and environmental benefits - along with financial returns.

Included in the book is A Field Guide to Responsible Capital, which contains descriptions of investment funds that together are managing over $30 billion and provides a detailed analysis of some of the firms and their investment projects.

Thomas Croft is an international expert on innovative capital strategies and jobs-oriented economic revitalization policies. He serves as the Managing Director of Heartland Capital Strategies (HCS) and Executive Director of the Steel Valley Authority (SVA) and has authored or commissioned vital new perspectives on alternative pension investment strategies and a fair economy.  Purchase Book