White Paper - Rebuilding PA's Manufacturing Future

Introducing the Commonwealth’s Long-Successful Layoff Aversion Initiative and Advanced Manufacturing Careers Center, Sponsored by Department of Labor and Industry


If the Commonwealth’s economy is to recover completely, renewed state efforts and new public-private partnerships are needed to save and retain manufacturing jobs.  And the pipeline needs to be rebuilt for manufacturing firms to ensure that the manufacturing workforce has the advanced skills needed when  businesses begin growing again.  When the economy does turn around, the state’s large manufacturers and suppliers need to bridge their working capital needs so as to take advantage of growth opportunities in the reviving U.S. auto and construction industries, the Marcellus Shale jobs boom, the promise of medical technology and the continued growth of Pennsylvania wind energy and clean technology sectors. 


PA CAMC Reports

 Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Manufacturing Careers (PA CAMC)

Pennsylvania's manufacturing companies contribute an annual economic output of $75.5 billion, accounting for approximately 14% of our gross state product. Moreover, manufacturing has the largest economic impact and job multiplier of all industry sectors - the addition of a single manufacturing job adds two additional supplier jobs and two other consumer jobs. Advanced manufacturing careers pay 20% more than the state average, with an average annual salary over $53,000.