New Market Opportunities

WindmillNew Market Opportunities are an important facet to many of SEWN's layoff aversion engagements.

With the global and domestic markets, product preferences and even legislation changing in often dramatic fashion, many companies with a skilled workforce, modern equipment, and well-run operations are still at risk if they are not properly diversified. Major customers may be lost to overseas competition or wherever complete supply chains restructure as witnessed in the auto industry.

SEWN provides free or inexpensive access to sales and marketing assistance to develop tactics and strategies for diversifying markets and customers.

New Market Opportunities can take several forms:

  • Creating a new use for a current product or service.
  • Improving a product or service to meet new requirements.
  • Exploring new geographic areas in which to distribute a product or service.
  • Exploring new demographic markets for current products.
  • Exploring new industries that can utilize a product or service.