Operational Restructuring and Cost Management

Woman Garment WorkerMany Pennsylvania companies fail to either maximize the effectiveness of existing operations or to systematically evaluate internal practices. Such operational inefficiencies often manifest themselves as financial difficulties and result in job loss or eventual business failure. SEWN works with its client companies to review operations and finances and offer practical solutions to the company's operational issues.

Increasing productivity and managing costs can be a simple matter of resolving issues at a single choke point in the production line, or it may require re-engineering the entire manufacturing process.

Over the years, SEWN staff and consultants have noticed the following trends:

  • Many of our client companies fail to maximize the effectiveness of their existing operations.
  • Many of our client companies are hampered by inefficient operational procedures.
  • Incomplete information flow from the initial contact with customer service through manufacturing and shipping is the major cause of operational inefficiencies.

Operational issues in manufacturing are often cross-disciplinary, involving marketing, sales, finance, and/or human resource issues in addition to production. For example, a problem with technical obsolescence requires access to capital markets, and, perhaps, a specialist to determine the most effective plant layout to accommodate the new technology. Chronic quality problems may require a move towards a High Performance Workplace model and a review of the materials procurement process.

SEWN works with all of the client company stakeholders to evaluate and identify key operating issues and related external inter-dependencies. SEWN staff and consultants function as a facilitator, and, at times, as a project manager. After working together to determine the company's needs, SEWN can provide referrals to the appropriate public or private resources. Working with its partner company, SEWN provides ongoing oversight to assure quality control and accountability of these resources.