Schulmerich Bells

Bells Are Ringing Again At Schulmerich

An infusion of cash and energy from a competent outside investor is often the key to a successful turnaround for a stressed company.  That is the case for Schulmerich Carillons and Jonathan Goldstein.  SEWN initiated the transaction and advised in process that lead to new ownership and a new lease on life for a family business that had suffered from lack of consistent attention from its absentee owners.  As part of his estate planning, the original founder of the Bucks County hand bell and electronic carillon manufacturing company placed several of his businesses in a family trust.

Schulmerich was being unsuccessfully run by a caretaker management team on behalf of that legal trust.  Sales had declined consistently over several years, workforce reductions had occurred several times and the company’s once unquestioned market dominance had been eroded. 

In almost every case, the SEWN turnaround strategy includes re-positioning the business for growth.  Outside investors often provide the quickest and most cost effective plan to making the transition happen.  They not only bring the new financial resources required but often the needed cultural change that lifts the company out of its decline as well. 

Sales at Schulmerich are now growing again and the company is rapidly reclaiming its former leadership role in the hand bell and electronic carillon industries