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Central SEWN Increases Health of Healthy Foods

An innovative Central Pennsylvania Food manufacturer was on an aggressive growth curve with new products lending unique value propositions in the portable, lifestyle-driven healthy foods marketplace. On their current trajectory, the company was growing profitably and planning for future expansion when a review of their financials indicated that something was incredibly wrong. The CEO found that their CFO was funneling money from the business using a complex model to cover his embezzlement and hide his activity. The company discovered that several million dollars were channeled away from the company. This loss was compounded by the fact that their pricing models were inadequately covering the

Southeastern SEWN Generates Successful Family Transition

Very successful family businesses don't always transfer to the next generation with the same degree of success experienced by the founder. Often, changing market conditions, shifting customer preferences and the rapid evolution of technology create an extremely different company transferred to the next generation than the company envisioned by the founder. SEWN can assist with these generational changes, recreating a successful business while providing layoff aversion strategies. Recently, a precision machining business requested SEWN's assistance for an outsider's perspective on redefining the company's path into the next generation. After struggling with a long string of negative profit nu

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