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America’s Small Manufacturers Talk About Their Challenges and Opportunities

At last month’s National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Fall Board of Directors meeting in Washington, D.C., the Small and Medium Manufacturers (SMM) Group held a two-day executive roundtable. The participants focused on several subjects of top importance not just to that group, but to manufacturers of all sizes nationwide. Nicole Wolter took part in the event. As President and CEO of HM Manufacturing, Inc., a machine parts fabricator in Wauconda, Illinois, that specializes in power transmission components such as pulleys, gears, splines and shafts, she’s on the front lines of everything that was discussed. “It was interesting to hear people from all around the nation talking about the s

‘Silver tsunami’ of manufacturing retirements pushes Pa. to prioritize STEM education

(Spring Townshhip) — In Matthew Derr’s “discovery classroom,” third graders watch tornadoes swirl around their classroom using augmented-reality technology. As they view their desks through the screen of a tablet, a powerful F-5 tornado sends cows and fences blowing through the air. “We roll in a cart with cellphones that are virtual reality and augmented reality, and the classes are just super excited. They’re asking, ‘When are we doing this again?’ Because they want to see things, but they also want to learn more,” said Derr, who teaches at Whitfield Elementary School in the Wilson School District in Berks County. Having access to cutting-edge technology gives kids a hands-on, interactive

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