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The Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN) provides specialized turnaround consulting services to support manufacturing companies. These services can help restructure, stabilize, and rekindle growth in your firm. If your manufacturing firm is small-to-medium sized, located in Pennsylvania and experiencing economic hardship, SEWN may be able to help! Learn more about our services.

Contact us for a no cost and confidential business review with one of our experienced directors. SEWN staff will respond within 48 hours of your request. SEWN works with all interested parties, employees, management, and owners to assess your situation and help define solutions. Any and all information received by SEWN is kept strictly confidential. SEWN services are provided free of charge.

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SEWN is a program of the Steel Valley Authority (SVA), sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. SVA is a layoff aversion organization. Our goal is to preserve good manufacturing jobs in Pennsylvania. SEWN can help your firm get back on its feet while avoiding any employee layoffs. Read our success stories here.


SEWN was founded in 1989 to support the region’s manufacturers and preserve jobs. The Department of Labor embraced and sponsored the program in 1993 to protect Pennsylvania companies and jobs. Since then, we have expanded to five regional offices, helping hundreds of companies and saving thousands of jobs statewide. Today, SEWN is one of the most cost-effective jobs programs in the United States. Over the last five years SEWN's job saving services have saved Pennsylvania more than $42 million in unemployment benefits (over $1 billion if jobs/payroll multipliers are included). Since it's inception, SEWN has contributed to the retention and revival of more than 1,100 industrial enterprises within Pennsylvania, impacting more than 30,000 jobs. 


Testimonial video from Ilsco Extrusions, Inc. - A Testament to Success

Testimony before the Senate Appropriations, September 2016

Interview with SEWN SW Regional Director Jim Pater

Indiana in the Morning, 2017 - Part 1 (Audio Only)

Interview with SEWN SW Regional Director Jim Pater

Indiana in the Morning, 2017 - Part 2 (Audio Only)

Mike Perfetti, Interview on WPXI TV Pittsburgh - 2020

Director Mike Perfetti
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