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SEWN offers five core services to help your business get back on track. Our services are funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and passed along to your company at no-cost. Based on your business’s needs, we can assist with:

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Financial Restructuring

If your firm is facing financial hardship, SEWN can help to:

Stabilize the immediate situation

We work with creditors, investors, and management to help you immediately restructure your balance sheet and create new ways to generate cash from internal operations and outside sources for your business.

Return to Normality

Once cash-flow is stabilized, we work with you to correct the underlying problem(s). This can include addressing cost-containment issues. Finally, we work with management to create a system of financial evaluation that allows management to track the company’s progress and prevent any future downturn.

Operational Assessments

SEWN works with you to streamline your company’s operation. Inefficient procedures can hinder your business’s success, whether on the assembly line or in administration. Identifying and correcting those operating issues can save your business time and money.


We’ll work with you to evaluate all aspects of your operations: production, marketing, sales, finance, and/or human resources. Our staff can serve as facilitator or project managers to help you restructure your operations, as well as refer you to the appropriate private or public resources.



This strategic business discipline allows SEWN to utilize a combination of its other services to measure marketplace assumptions ​on new products. It is done by driving out risk and protecting capital. Conducting this analysis, SEWN fills market gaps in capabilities and structured expertise.


Market Positioning

SEWN provides free or inexpensive sales assistance to best position your company within your targeted markets by:

  • Creating a new use for your current product

  • Improving your product to meet new requirements

  • Exploring new geographic areas, industries, and demographics to market your product

  • Creating a web and social media presence for your business 


Human Capital Strategies

SEWN works to open a dialogue between your firm’s management and workforce to create the most productive workplace possible. Companies achieve the highest productivity when they promote a positive work environment and ensure that all their workers have the necessary knowledge, skills, and motivation to do their jobs. When workplace relations deteriorate, so does productivity. We are sensitive to the concerns of management and workers, and have extensive experience in facilitating open dialogue between the two. This can be an important strategy in turning your business around and preventing layoffs.

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Main Office

1112 S. Braddock St., Suite 300   

Swissvale, PA  15218
Phone:  412-342-0534 
Fax:      412-342-0538

 If you are a manufacturer seeking a business consultation with SEWN staff, call us at 1-866-SVA-8832 or complete our Contact Form.


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