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SEWN Saves "Jobs that Pay"

“We need to rebuild the middle class, and we can do that by creating good jobs right here in Pennsylvania.”

– Governor Tom Wolf

Governor Wolf went on to explain that, “To rebuild the middle class, we need new ideas to create jobs that pay and policies that support our manufacturing and new growth industries.”

And it’s no wonder that Governor Wolf focused on the manufacturing sector. According to the most recent statistics released by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Center for Workforce Information and Analysis, the average Pennsylvania wage is $52,160 as of February, 2017. The average Pennsylvania manufacturing wage is $59,564 – approximately 14% higher.

With that in mind, we would like to share with you the following information regarding our program’s contribution to saving jobs that pay over the past few years:

Broken down by county and including other factors such as cost aversion, our five-year outlook is as follows:

The SEWN Program has served the small- to medium-sized manufacturing sector in Pennsylvania for more than 25 years now by providing turnaround consulting services to our clients free of charge.

We are proud to support Governor Wolf’s mission of strengthening Pennsylvania’s middle class and look forward to serving the Commonwealth’s manufacturing sector in the years to come.

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