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SOLO Laboratories Recognized as A Best Place to Work in PA

SOLO Laboratories in Kutztown, PA has been recognized by the Team Pennsylvania Foundation as one of the best places to work in the state. The recognition was based on scoring that reviewed a company's workforce policies, practices, philosophies, systems, demographics and employee satisfaction surveys.

Lindsay Sokol Szejko & Jaimyn Westenhofer

Lindsay Sokol Szejko, CEO & Owner, noted, "We are beyond thrilled about being selected as a best place to work in 2018 for all of PA. What an honor. At SOLO our mission is the serve others, love others. Many times this is related to our customers and how we serve them. Over the last year we have been focusing a lot more on directing this internally to each other and our employees. Being voted as a best place to work has really encouraged me that we are heading in the right direction."

SEWN is proud to have worked with SOLO on their re-invention journey. With a history dating back to 1983 and mission to serve others, the company had stopped growing. Our team was able to assist with succession planning, organizational restructuring, strategic planning, sales & marketing, operational improvements, and financial restructuring. They have made significant strides garnering this well-deserved recognition.

President Jaimyn Westenhofer was happy to share her experience with SEWN, "We are blessed to have been able to work with SEWN and Steel Valley Authority. Greg's expertise was apparent early on and he treated us and our company with professionalism and respect. He provided honest feedback and his attentiveness was unfailing. I would highly recommend his services to other companies that are looking to advance in the marketplace."

Learn more about SOLO Laboratories, Inc.

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