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PA Chamber launches website for “Bring Back PA” recovery initiative

The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry (PA Chamber) announced Tuesday the launching of its new website for the “Bringing PA Back” initiative, which is intended to help businesses across the Commonwealth safely re-open their facilities and jumpstart the economy.

“Now that the Commonwealth has worked together to successfully slow the growth of COVID-19, we’re entering the re-opening phase – which means it is critical for businesses to receive the information they need in order to safely re-open their facilities,” PA Chamber President and CEO Gene Barr said. “Our ‘Bringing PA Back’ initiative aims to do just that with a user- friendly website that will help employers as they prepare to re-open their physical locations, and ensure the safety and well-being of their employees and customers. Working together, we know that we can come out of this unprecedented time stronger than before and with our economy moving forward.”

PA Chamber’s initiative follows Gov. Tom Wolf’s announcement of his “Plan for Pennsylvania,” phased re-opening plan. The website includes an overview of the Wolf administration’s guidance as well as an interactive, color-coded map that visitors can use to see what phase their county has entered in the process.

The comprehensive “Bringing PA Back” website also includes critical resources for businesses, such as guidance on how to prepare the workplace and welcome back employees and customers. It also provides employment opportunities, industry-specific guidance, and public policy recommendations that will help to revive Pennsylvania’s economy.

Feedback from stakeholders, business leaders, and local chambers about determining employee’s major concerns and needs played a critical role in the development of the website.

The PA Chamber will regularly update the website to make sure employers are informed with the latest government guidance and industry best practices.

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