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Hiring and Technology

TALOGY is a platform used by manufacturing organizations to assist companies with hiring strategies and tips on building a productive workforce. They recently published an e-book, The Comprehensive Guide to Hiring in Manufacturing, which discusses the challenges faced by organizations and some high-level guidance on solving them. The 3 main focuses of the on using technology in the hiring process include:

1. A well-defined process is essential in selecting and hiring the right person

  • Conduct a job analysis to clearly define the opening and required competencies

  • Utilize screening tools to determine if candidate possess the key competencies

  • Interview as a final behaviorally based assessment for job suitability

2. HR technology can improve the efficiency of the hiring process

  • Integrate applicant tracking systems with assessment systems

  • Create automatic email reminders to shepherd applicants through the system

  • Eliminate on site testing assessment sessions and offer mobile/PC-based testing

3. Reduce turnover by understanding its root cause

  • Identify high-potential employees for front line leadership roles

  • Identify candidates with strong work ethic using assessments

  • Implement the right hands-on physical simulation in assessments

  • Incorporate cultural fit in the hiring process to improve production and retention

Even a low-level and streamlined technology process for hiring may cost you a few extra dollars up-front, but the long-term retention of employees can more than pay for it. A well-designed assessment system can improve time-to-hire while still in maintaining a high-quality hiring process, thus reducing costly turnover.

If you are looking for assistance with technology upgrades or referrals to hiring resources, contact SEWN.

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