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Southwest PA Manufacturing Grants

The objective of the Innovation Adoption Program (IAP) is to help manufacturers located in southwestern PA develop cutting-edge technologies that will accelerate their business development and growth, and enable them to gain a competitive advantage in local, national, and global markets.

The IAP is a project-based initiative that will provide a source of funding necessary to address the technology and/or new product development needs of existing manufacturers by connecting them with the necessary prototyping, design, testing, and analytical capabilities. The desired outcome of this initiative is to make manufacturers in southwestern PA more technologically innovative, productive, and profitable through the creative use of local resources.

IAP projects generally fall into 1 of 3 different categories: 1) New product development 2) Process improvement 3) New manufacturing processes

Innovation is the key to all successful IAP projects. We want to see how you are pushing your technology envelope. The program is driven by the needs of manufacturing companies. The scope of an IAP project tends to be tailored to their specific requirements, but in general fall into these areas:

  • mechanical, chemical or electrical product engineering and design

  • rapid prototyping of product designs

  • product validation and testing

  • improved engineering or manufacturing processes

  • industrial analysis and overhaul of existing manufacturing techniques

  • robotic assembly or machining design for new manufacturing processes

  • machine customization for product manufacturing

  • advanced fabrication techniques

  • other projects that improve the competitiveness of existing manufacturers

Criteria for grantees includes:

  • Grantee must have a significant PA presence

  • Grantee must be a manufacturing business located in one of the following 8 counties: Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Greene, Lawrence, Washington, or Westmoreland

  • Grantee must identify eligible expenses in excess of 2 times the reimbursement cap outlined in the contract

  • Grantee must be willing and able to pay vendors without receiving reimbursement for up to 1 month

  • Grantee must agree to complete impact surveys, which include annual revenue and job creation statistics, annually for 5 years after the project is completed



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