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Waste Not, Want Not

The pandemic has forced manufacturing companies to rethink work processes and business plans. Innovative and sustainable strategies which resulted from this necessity can prove to be profitable in the future. One such strategy that has been building momentum over the past few years is waste management. A few easy tactics to address this in your facility can include:

  1. Going Digital. By going paperless your company can save money on paper and office supplies, plus reduce your carbon footprint.

  2. Encouraging Remote Work. If possible, allow your employees to work from home. Studies have shown this improves employee satisfaction and moral, which in turn helps with employee retention. Your company can realize cost savings on reduced office space and while contributing to cleaner air with less traffic on the roads.

  3. Minimizing Costs of Goods Sold. Optimizing your supply chain and controlling stock inventories can achieve cost savings. Is it possible to institute a buyback program once your manufactured good has outlived its useful life and if so, can it be transformed into a feedstock? Your customers will benefit by turning their disposal or landfill fees into revenue, thus creating good will.

Fifty-three percent of Americans agree that companies who don’t take steps to go green will experience consumer backlash over time. Implementing simple changes can improve your company image letting customers see you as a caring, sustainable, forward-thinking company distinguishing you from your less proactive competitors.

Contact SEWN to discuss how your company can improve its bottom-line through cost saving efforts.


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