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When OSHA Knocks On Your Door

Recently the SHRM published the article “What to Do When an OSHA Inspector Arrives at Your Workplace.” The piece provides guidance on handling Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspections.

While companies should always be cognizant of employee safety, there are simple ways to always be prepared for a visit. When an OSHA inspector arrives, follow these steps:

  1. Be Prepared: Train employees on their rights and responsibilities during an inspection. Designate a point person to interact with the inspector.

  2. Initial Interaction: Greet the inspector courteously and request their credentials. Verify their identity and purpose.

  3. Accompany the Inspector: Accompany the inspector throughout the visit. Take notes on what they examine and discuss.

  4. Limit Access: Only allow the inspector access to areas relevant to their investigation. Do not volunteer additional information.

  5. Document Everything: Record observations, take photos, and document conversations. Be accurate and thorough.

  6. Correct Violations: If violations are found, address them promptly. Cooperate with the inspector to resolve issues.

Remember that OSHA inspections are routine and aim to improve workplace safety. Being prepared and cooperative ensures a smoother process.


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