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The LATTE program provides layoff aversion consulting services to states and other interested parties who want to develop their own job saving programs like SEWN. After SVA experienced immense success offering SEWN services to manufacturing firms in Pennsylvania, we realized other states could benefit from our lessons learned.

If you're interested in supporting the manufacturing industry in your region, LATTE provides the direct training and technical expertise to institute your own job saving program. 

Tom Croft and training group

Tom Croft and Nevada Workforce Connections.


SVA is the national leader in layoff aversion programs. Our DOL Layoff Aversion Playbook (updated in 2018) is the authoritative publication on job retention and layoff aversion strategies. This guide and LATTE training shares years of real world experience in layoff aversion and provides critical implementation strategies to states, communities, business sector networks, labor unions and NGOs. Our LATTE program is a powerful tool to help rapid response teams successfully integrate aversion approaches to at-risk industries.

The bipartisan Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) brought greater federal attention to integrating workforce and economic development strategies to bolster employment and generate good jobs. WIOA requires all states, for the first time, to establish layoff aversion programs that prioritize existing companies and workforces. It enables states to build, for the first time, new capacity for sector partnerships, especially programs that could assist supply chains. 


First, it is critical to maintain good jobs in our ever changing economy.  Second, the program pays for itself! The SVA has provided guidance to states such as Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, New York, Wisconsin, Virginia, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Texas as well as local workforce boards like Chicago and Southern Nevada, which have saved thousands of jobs through layoff aversion.  While it is sometimes difficult for workforce and economic development leaders to start a program from scratch, the LATTE program walks principals through the mechanics and implementation strategies that will accomplish the national requirement to engage businesses and workers in this important mission.  We will spend time in your communities making this work. In the last five years, the Pennsylvania SEWN program has saved the Commonwealth more than $45 million in unemployment benefits.

" It was indeed a pleasure to have Tom Croft, of  the Steel Valley Authority, provide technical assistance to the Rapid Response Program during Virginia's Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Programs State Conference in VA Beach, Virginia on September 24, 2012. You exceeded our expectations and provided an excellent overview of the Layoff Aversion and Technical Assistance Expertise (LATTE) that is available.  Your detailed description of the program components and advice surrounding ways to implement the Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN) in Virginia will position us to see improved results in our efforts to expand our Business Retention and Layoff Aversion Programs."

— Felicia McClenny, Lead Rapid Response Coordinator

Virginia Community College System

Workforce Development Services

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