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Started as a small, regional initiative responding to the dramatic loss of the steel industry impacting Pittsburgh and the Mon Valley, the Steel Valley Authority (SVA) has evolved into a nationally acclaimed leader in layoff aversion.

SVA drives both new economic policy and innovative programs to effectively save and create manufacturing jobs across the United States. 

For nearly four decades, the SVA has contributed to stable communities by saving nearly 30,000 productive economy jobs. SVA supports workers and their families, small manufacturers, and communities through a number of programs including: 

The Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN) program ​​​provides direct technical assistance to manufacturers in need of support. Building on our success, SVA has established locations in Harrisburg, Bethlehem, Bristol and Erie.

Our Layoff Aversion Training & Technical Expertise (LATTE) program helps states develop their own job saving efforts similar to SEWN through best practices and hands-on application.

Heartland Capital Strategies ​(HCS) promotes responsible investing through the power of workers capital. HCS co-hosts the Labor Capital Strategies Fellowship at Georgetown University. In 2023, the Heartland Sustainable Finance Hub received funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission.

SVA owes a special thanks to our sponsors: 

  • Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

  • Appalachian Regional Commission

  • Our Heartland Sponsorship Network

About SVA


The Steel Valley Authority contributes to stable communities and renewed prosperity by saving and creating skilled and sustainable manufacturing and productive economy jobs through layoff aversion, responsible capital investment policy and building sustainable communities.

Saving Jobs

The Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN) saves Pennsylvania jobs and communities by offering layoff aversion services to stabilize, restructure, turn around, or attract buyers for at-risk small to medium sized companies.

Advocating​ Across the Nation

Layoff Aversion Training/Technical Assistance (LATTE) promotes job saving programs like SEWN to other states and stakeholders. 

Investing Responsibly

Heartland Capital Strategies advances renewed prosperity by stewarding responsible investments in sustainable domestic manufacturing and community development through education, research and policy advocacy.

Mission & Vision


SVA History

Flip through the interactive book below to view Steel Valley Authority's beginnings in the Pittsburgh region and eventual expansion across Pennsylvania and further.

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