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Pennsylvania Small Business Funding Resources for 2024

Even though most of Covid-19 small-business programs have ended, it doesn't mean the resources have gone away. Here at SEWN, we're always looking for programs to assist our clients and businesses. We've launched our PA Business Resources website that can provide some guidance but here are some resources and opportunities you may want to investigate this year.  


Do you need additional support and resources to expand and create jobs? Check the link below to find a loan program. 

Are you looking for a comprehensive funding tool to be used to fund business operations including, but not limited to job training, machinery purchases, working capital and infrastructure costs? Check the link below to find grants, loans, and loan guarantees. The project must have substantial economic impact, job creation/preservation and private match required. 


Are you in need of seed and later stage capital for your existing and emerging small business? Are you involved in the development and commercialization of technologically advanced products and processes? Check the link below to find an equity program. 


Are you involved in the agricultural sector? A new and beginning farmer or rancher? A veteran producer or processor? Are you seeking more and better markets for your product? 

Check the link below to find a grant under the Resilient Food Systems Infrastructure Program 


Are you looking to acquire land or construct a building for your agricultural business? Perhaps upgrade your farming equipment and machinery? Or just need working capital for your farming business? Check the link below for loan guarantees. 


Are you looking to transfer your farm to the next generation? Check the link below for federal tax-exempt financing to reduce a farmer’s interest rate for capital purchases  (land, machinery and equipment) 


Are you interested in reusing a former industrial site to locate your business? Check the link below to apply for a grant and low-interest loan financing for environmental site assessment and remediation work. 


Are you interested in an installment loan, lines of credit and technical assistance for your small business? Check the link below if your County participates in Pennsylvania’s Business Opportunities Fund (BOF) 

Are you interested in a loan guarantee for land, building, equipment, working capital for your small business? Check the link below if you are interested in guaranteed loans up to $500,000. 


Are you in the market for tax exempt bonds, used to finance land, building, equipment, working capital and in some cases, refinancing? Check the link below if you are looking for loans no less than $400,000, up to 100% of project costs. 


Are you in the market for taxable bonds, used to finance land, building, equipment, working capital and in some cases, refinancing? Check the link below if you are looking for loans no less than $400,000, up to 100% of project costs. 


Are you interested in increasing export sales? Do you want to participate in an overseas or domestic trade show? Would you like to join an overseas trade mission? Check the link below to apply for up to $10,000 per award period for export ready companies. 


Feeling overburdened by regulatory demands from PA’s Department of Environmental Protection? Any Pennsylvania-based small businesses with 100 or fewer full-time employees can receive free, confidential service from the Ombudsman for issues pertaining to DEP. By law, the Ombudsman may not reveal the identity of any small business who contacts the Office without their permission. All contacts and information are kept strictly confidential. 

The Ombudsman can also help identify technical and financial opportunities for energy efficiency and pollution control programs available through various state and federal programs, including grants and loans only available through the Ombudsman Office. 

Samantha Harmon, Small Business Ombudsman Department of Environmental Protection Phone: (717) 772-5160, (717) 783-0909 Fax: (717) 705-5401 Email the Ombudsman's Office 


Need information and assistance to improve energy efficiency? Want to reduce pollution and/or waste by upgrading or replacing equipment and supplies? Interested in reducing your businesses runoff into affected waterways? Check out the these programs:


Are you looking for a high-performance building for your small business? Check the link below for grant and loan funds to assist with the construction or renovation of a high-performance building.  


Are you looking for training funds for new and existing employees? An individual employee can qualify for up to $2,000 in job skill training. 


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