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Financial Restructuring

Facing financial hardship? SEWN can help:

  • Stabilize the immediate situation - we work with creditors, investors, and management to help you immediately restructure your balance sheet and create new ways to generate cash from internal operations and outside sources for your business.

  • Return to Normality - Once cash-flow is stabilized, we work with you to correct the underlying problem(s). This can include addressing cost-containment issues. Finally, we work with management to create a system of financial evaluation that allows management to track the company’s progress and prevent any future downturn.

SEWN Series video graphic

Hear from our Southwest Regional Director, Mike Perfetti, on 8 simple ways to manage your company's cash flow.

Breaking piggy bank

Our SEWN Blog offers numerous articles on financial situations your company may be facing.

New Century Careers training

Read how SEWN helped a Pennsylvania machine shop get back on its feet after being faced with pricing issues.

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