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Steel Valley Authority is the

nationally recognized leader in layoff aversion, responsible investment and innovative economic policy. Explore our programs below.

The SVA contributes to stable communities and renewed prosperity by saving and creating skilled and sustainable manufacturing and productive economy jobs through layoff aversion, responsible capital investment policy and building sustainable communities.

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The Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN) supports Pennsylvania manufacturers by providing layoff aversion services to help them grow and prosper.

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Layoff Aversion Training & Technical Expertise (LATTE) offers training to states who want to establish job saving programs like SEWN to support their own regional manufacturing sector. 

Heartland promotes responsible investing to rebuild the built environment, renew the industrial commons, grow the clean economy, make the boss more accountable & educate a new generation.


“[This] response legislation will make substantial investments in our Commonwealth as we confront this pandemic, but we must do more,” Casey said. “I will continue to fight to ensure that our families and our communities have the resources they need...

The Shared Work Program allows employers to temporarily reduce their workforce during seasonal or temporary downturns. The program allows the company to reduce hours by 20% to 40% per week (1-2 days per week).  

For Companies, the main benefits of the...

As the stock market plummets from repercussions of the global oil crisis and ongoing restrictions from the coronavirus, many manufacturers are faced with reassessing their day-to-day operations. These stressors can turn into opportunity for companies...

COVID-19, AKA coronavirus, has reached a grander scale than originally anticipated. While hospitals and health departments ramp up their plans, manufacturing should definitely not be excluded. The epidemic in China has now stretched its arms into num...

March 2, 2020

The Senate and House Appropriation Committees met in February for budget hearings with the Department of Labor & Industry. House Representative Austin Davis (D-PA) for the 35th District and Senator Bob Mensch (R-PA) from the 24th District presented t...

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Main Office

1112 S. Braddock St., Suite 300   

Swissvale, PA  15218
Phone:  412-342-0534 
Fax:      412-342-0538

For general inquiries:

For manufacturers:

 If you are a manufacturer seeking a business consultation with SEWN staff, call us at 1-866-SVA-8832 or complete our Contact Form.


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