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Since 1995, Heartland has strived to responsibly mobilize workers' capital by publishing cutting-edge books and articles, convening events, highlighting investment opportunities in the real economy, educating capital stewards, and laying the foundation for bringing together a new generation of responsible investors.

​Heartland fosters a Community of Practice for responsible investments. Heartland’s advocates are working in a united front to rebuild our cities, renew our industrial commons, grow the clean economy and make the “boss” more accountable.  Heartland’s sponsors include responsible investment leaders who are partnering with businesses, unions, cities and states, and NGOs:

  • To mobilize capital for smart buildings and affordable housing, advanced manufacturing, civic infrastructure projects, wind and solar energy, and high-speed rail, hybrid buses and electric cars.

  • To scale up the resources to accomplish these aims, and thus, increase the share of institutional asset commitments for responsible investments that achieve positive economic impacts. 

  • To mount incredible capital stewardship and corporate governance campaigns.


What is workers’ capital?  Workers’ capital means, simply, our money, the pension funds and other savings and assets of working people, including 401ks, insurance funds, bank deposits, etc.  Real pension funds—defined benefit plans—grew from $153 billion in 1978 to $9 trillion in U.S., including $4 trillion in public and T/H plans where workers have a voice.  Overall, US workers own $22 trillion in institutional assets.


By encouraging responsible investments, Heartland’s purpose is to harness the power of workers’ capital – i.e. pension assets - to prudently invest in good jobs and revitalize industrial communities.

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