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Successful Succession in Central PA

Williams Metal Finishing is a second-generation business in Berks County. The founder had been forced back into running the business to protect his business interests. His two sons were serving in the company's management - one as the Sales Manager and one as the Operations Manager - under their father's leadership in his role as CEO. The founder's wife was facing serious medical issues, forcing a crisis succession for his improperly prepared sons. In addition, the loss of a major customer and various cost issues had placed the company in a negative cash flow situation. When Williams Metal Finishing contacted SEWN's layoff aversion program, the company was in workout with its bank, which was

Analysis + Action = Achievement in Northwestern PA

A Northwestern Pennsylvania manufacturer and distributor of educational supplies had been forced into a foxhole as the consolidation of large, traditional competitors and competition from new, big-box entrants dramatically changed the company's landscape over a five-year period. The 120-person company had responded by cutting costs to the bone. It had reached the point where this strategy was no longer a viable option. SEWN's layoff aversion program worked with the company to develop a new marketing plan that provided analysis not only of the competitive environment, but also the market realities of budget cuts and new purchasing habits. SEWN encouraged the company to develop a new, easily-n

Attacking Expenses with Laser Precision in Northeastern PA

A Northeastern Pennsylvania developer and manufacturer of miniature solid-state lasers, OEM modules, laser flashlights and high-power, room-temperature and cryogenic solid-state lasers experienced severe cash flow issues while waiting for government contracts to materialize. The company contacted SEWN to assist with several other related issues as well. SEWN's layoff aversion program helped the company to locate a new investor. A complete operational review revealed several areas in which the company could greatly reduce its overhead expenses. SEWN also assisted the company in securing bridge financing to keep its operations viable until the government contracts were finalized. All of these

Rebuilding a Housing Manufacturer in Southeastern PA

At its peak in 2007, Blox Building Systems employed over 50 people and enjoyed a solid reputation as a major player in the regional modular housing market. In order to handle the new projects being presented by its Philadelphia partner, Blox made significant upfront capital investments, leveraged its assets and significantly invested in training programs for the skilled workforce required for the proposed projects. However, as with many companies involved in the building trade, business suffered and debt accumulated during the Great Recession. By 2012, Blox retained only 10 of its original employees. Undaunted, and with SEWN's help, Ken George and his son, Ken George, Jr., began the process

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