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Let Tinkerbell Tinker

As the economy’s reliance on innovation grows, the offering of toys for girls remains–well, somewhat less than innovative. Fortunately, a few smart women are starting to solve this problem by reviving the time-honored principles of tinkering, this time for girls.EndFragment DO NOT MODIFY End Facebook Pixel Code <meta name="NextGEN" version="2.2.3" /> Google Tag Manager for WordPress by DuracellTomi - http://duracelltomi.com End Google Tag Manager End Google Tag Manager for WordPress by DuracellTomi My daughter hates princesses, and I love her dearly for it. She also loves fairies, and I love her for that, too. The distinction may seem like the caprice of an 8-year-old mind, but it’s ac

SEWN Client Profile

Type of company and region: Biotechnical Product Manufacturer in Southeast Pennsylvania SEWN Services Provided: Organizational restructuring; Sales & marketing improvements Company Situation At Consultation: The company had recently undergone a management restructuring creating the need for some internal workforce changes. Additionally they were experiencing cash flow issues while marketing strategies needed updating to improve sales. SEWN's Role: Management coaching for owners and top-line managers Creation of a revised business plan Research for new marketplace opportunities Implementation of a sales funnel concept to address new business, facility utilization, and employee resources Outco

What's So Cool About Manufacturing Program Kicks Off its Season in Lehigh Valley PA

The Manufacturers Resource Center (MRC) is proud to announce the fifth year of “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” (WSCM). StartFragment This year’s program will be presented on the new “What’s So Cool” website http://www.WhatsSoCool.org The “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” Student Video Contest gives 8th graders from over 25 school districts in Lehigh, Northampton, and Carbon counties the opportunity to connect directly with local manufacturers, document their experiences and present them in an educational and “cool” way through film media. The contest was created to generate excitement that draws students to consider manufacturing career paths. This year, there are 30 middle school

American manufacturing is about doing good work

Back during the height of the Space Race in the 1960s, astronaut Gus Grissom one day was touring a factory to watch workers building the very equipment he’d soon be flying. He was asked to say a few words to those working that day, and a few words is what they got. He told them all, simply, “Do good work.” StartFragment It was just three words, but those words became a rallying cry of sorts for aerospace manufacturing, right through the moment in July 1969 when the United States won the race by beating the Soviet Union to the moon. Manufacturing has been the backbone of the American workforce for more than a century now, generations of people who have created, innovated and consistently foun

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick introduces America Star program for manufacturing

A bill introduced this week by Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-8, of Middletown, would make clear to customers that the products they purchase came from an American factory. StartFragment The Made in America Act creates the America Star Program, a voluntary program where manufacturers can qualify for special labeling that would be featured on their products, indicating that a significant portion of the product is American-made. Fitzpatrick unveiled the bill this week with co-sponsor Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, an Arizona Democrat. "People in my community understand that when they buy American they’re not only buying quality products, they’re helping American businesses — and American workers — in their n

Business, labor, political leaders talk manufacturing

PITTSBURGH – A summit to discuss ways of bringing high-paying manufacturing jobs to the region included leaders from across sectors to focus on helping blue-collar workers in the region Tuesday. During the summit held at United Steelworkers headquarters in Pittsburgh, city and state public officials, labor and small business leaders, and economic and workforce development experts shared success stories and re-committed to raising wages and spurring economic growth in the Rust Belt and beyond. The need for greater public-private-nonprofit partnerships was a recurring theme throughout the event, with speakers repeatedly emphasizing the need to translate recent advances in technology and innova

Conference kicks off initiative to revitalize manufacturing workforce

A conference in Pittsburgh urged policies and strategies that will boost the country’s workforce. “Manufacturing a Better Paying Pennsylvania,” held Tuesday at United Steelworkers International’s headquarters, drew union leaders, progressive think-tank analysts, politicians and others to launch a national initiative to create high-paying manufacturing jobs and transform the regional and national economy. StartFragment “We can do better, and this conference will kick off a sustained effort,” said Mark Zuckerman, president of The Century Foundation. A lot of the discussion focused on what could be done to help communities left behind catch up, including using fiscal stimulus to jumpstart the e

How to revive manufacturing in Pittsburgh

We not only can bring back manufacturing jobs from overseas, we can grow them from the ground up, too Over the past seven years, the United States has experienced its first growth in manufacturing jobs since the mid-1990s, an increase of nearly 1 million positions. Pennsylvania, however, has largely missed out on this recovery. Since 2010, the number of manufacturing jobs in the state has fallen by 8,000, rather than increasing by 46,000, which would have happened if Pennsylvania had kept pace with the nation. StartFragment Here in Pittsburgh, some point to the city’s newly diversified economy as a model for revitalizing other “Rust Belt” regions and industries. While it is true that vibrant

Four Marketing Action Items for Manufacturers

This site uses the Google Analytics by Yoast plugin v5.4.2 - Universal enabled - https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/google-analytics/ / Google Analytics by Yoast WordPress Popular Posts v3.2.2 End WordPress Popular Posts v3.2.2 [if lt IE 9]> <![endif] StartFragment In today’s highly competitive marketplace, meeting customer demand isn’t enough. Small and mid-sized manufacturers must have a continuous pipeline of new sales in order to thrive and grow. However, it is becoming more challenging to connect with key decision makers to accomplish this. Technology is constantly evolving and has changed how people communicate, research products and parts, and make purchasing decisions. In compar

After decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, U.S. needs more tradespeople

FONTANA, Calif. — At a steel factory dwarfed by the adjacent Auto Club Speedway, Fernando Esparza is working toward his next promotion. StartFragment Esparza is a 46-year-old mechanic for Evolution Fresh, a subsidiary of Starbucks that makes juices and smoothies. He’s taking a class in industrial computing taught by a community college at a local manufacturing plant in the hope it will bump up his wages. It’s a pretty safe bet. The skills being taught here are in high demand. That’s in part because so much effort has been put into encouraging high school graduates to go to college for academic degrees rather than for training in industrial and other trades that many fields like his face work

Corporate Citizenship award winner: United Steelworkers

When United Steelworkers International President Leo Gerard asked a room full of the organization’s local members how many volunteered in their communities, every hand in the room went up. The moment demonstrated the value that USW places on philanthropy, volunteering and, most importantly, community. For one nonprofit, Variety - The Children’s Charity, the support it’s received from the USW has been invaluable. “USW brings a small, not very well-known charity great connectivity. … It’s not just about steel,” said Charles LaValle, chief executive officer of Variety. Variety offers children with disabilities unique programs, experiences and equipment throughout 54 counties in Pennsylvania and

Women Making A Difference In Manufacturing: From Then Till Now

StartFragment Unfortunately for most women, a career in manufacturing does not seem like a viable option. However, much progress has been to take down the barriers and remove negative stigmas in order to create a more diverse manufacturing workforce. Even though the majority of people in the industry are men, some women have played a vital role in the evolution of manufacturing throughout history. Without these women, manufacturing as we know it would not exist and hopefully speaking and teaching about these key influencers will encourage women interested in the industry to ignore any doubts they have about doing what they love. Let’s examine some women throughout history that played an inst

Electrical Apprentice Finds Passion for Her Trade

Erin Lakenen works full time at B&B Electric Inc. in Iron Mountain, Michigan. At just 22, the third-year apprentice electrician already owns her own home, and is an example of the benefits available to young women who pursue career opportunities in the skilled trades. Apprenticeship as a career path was a natural fit for the Marquette native. “I’ve always been a little less traditional, and going to college full time didn’t really appeal to me. In apprenticeship, you are going to school and getting paid while learning a skill that you can use for the rest of your life,” said Erin. “I saw my sister going into debt with student loans for college and it really scared me. I love learning on the

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