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Manufacturer opening new facility in West Easton that will create more than 40 new jobs

Full-time manufacturing jobs are heading to the Easton area, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced Tuesday. IQ Fibers chose to place its first manufacturing operation in the state in Northampton County. The project is expected to create 43 jobs to the area. “We’re very pleased that IQ Fibers has decided to establish its first Pennsylvania manufacturing operation here in the Lehigh Valley, where manufacturing is alive and well,” Don Cunningham, President and CEO of Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp., says in a statement. “We welcome IQ Fibers to our family of manufacturers.” The startup cellulose fiber manufacturer will lease a 45,000-square-foot building at 1550 Lehigh Drive in West Eas

Piling Solutions Expands Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, Manufacturing Plant

Piling Solutions, Inc., a manufacturer of threaded steel pipes and piling, will expand its manufacturing operations in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. The project will support the combined creation and retention of more than 85 jobs in the area. Founded in 2014, the company provides piling for driven and drilled foundations, tooling for drilling operations, and services related to the supply of steel pile foundations. PSI plans to double its manufacturing operations by purchasing and renovating an existing 225,000-square-foot heavy industrial facility in Hanover Township. It will also invest in new machinery and equipment to enable greater production. The company has pledged to invest more tha

Stop Stigmatizing the Term Blue-Collar

The term “Blue-Collar” is NOT outdated – it is being stigmatized by not recognizing the fundamental issue. The Blue-Collar workers that I know were highly skilled. And I am a proud card-carrying member of those who support the Blue-Collar dirty finger-nail, soiled work clothes trades. The reality is those jobs are necessary to making and maintaining the things we live in and use every day and will use in the foreseeable future. Those skills are in short supply because their very nature and workplace environment have been stigmatized by parents who had achieved financial security as blue-collar workers themselves and envisioned college as a pathway to greater (and cleaner) success then they h

Gen Z holds more favorable view of manufacturing than other workers

Dive Brief: Members of Generation Z are 7% more likely to consider working in manufacturing compared to the general population, according to a study by manufacturing software provider Leading2Lean. But there is still strong interest in other fields: 56% of Gen Zers would prefer working in the tech industry, while only 27% would consider working in manufacturing. Leading2Lean's three-part survey showed Gen Zers are also less likely to view the industry sector negatively than other workers. Other survey results point to potential explanations for this, including that nearly one-third of Generation Z have a family member or friend working in manufacturing, while 32% have had a teacher, counselo

Strike While the Millennial Iron Is Hot

My 28-year-old son is a “digital native.” He was fortunate to have grown up with computers, the internet, the book of faces, smartphones, iPads, and instant/constant connectivity. He is also part of what will soon be the largest demographic in American society, millennials, born between 1981 and 1996. His generation expects things to be different from baby-boomer norms and that will dramatically affect manufacturing. He left his first job in the Department of Defense because his warfare specialty did not allow for the connectivity he enjoyed in college. Further, they did not take advantage of new technology and were hopelessly stuck in the 1980s. I will admit that I am painting with a wide b

Turkey Hill LLC to Support Growth with Investments in Operations and Personnel

LANCASTER, Pa., July 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Turkey Hill LLC ("Turkey Hill" or the "Company"), a leading manufacturer and distributor of branded ice cream and refrigerated drinks, today announced that it will support recent and continued growth through investments in its manufacturing operations and an increase in new hiring efforts. Turkey Hill was acquired by an affiliate of Peak Rock Capital from The Kroger Co. in April 2019. Now a standalone company, Turkey Hill is strategically focused on geographic expansion and new product innovation to support increasing consumer demand. "Turkey Hill is experiencing strong and growing consumer demand nationwide for its broad assortment of branded ic

Reshoring Was at Record Levels in 2018. Is It Enough?

The future of U.S. manufacturing depends substantially on our success in reducing our goods trade deficit. Eliminating the deficit will add 5 million manufacturing jobs at current U.S. productivity levels. No other opportunities come close to offering such an impact on U.S. manufacturing and the U.S. economy. Factors such as tariffs, skilled workforce, innovation, automation and currency are all means to increase our competitiveness, thereby reducing imports and increasing exports. A lower trade deficit is the result. At a given level of demand for goods, the only way to increase manufacturing is to import less or export more. Importing less, reshoring, is far easier. A Record 1,389 Companie

Wolf announces new manufacturing plant in York County

York County will be the site for the first manufacturing operation for building materials retailer Carter Lumber in Pennsylvania, Gov. Tom Wolf announced Wednesday. The state will support the facility in Penn Township with more than $150,000 in grants and tax credits, including $70,000 from the Pennsylvania First grant, a $15,750 workforce development grant and $70,000 in job creation tax credits, Wolf said in a release. In order to meet growing market demands, Carter Lumber purchased and renovated a 64,300-square-foot warehouse in Penn Township Industrial Park. The company is investing $6 million in the project and expects to create 35 new, full-time jobs at the facility and retain 177 exis

Collegeville-area teens compete against 14 other student-run companies to place in top 3

On Wednesday, June 19, in Washington, D.C., the teen entrepreneurs of Denim2Denim and Southeastern Pennsylvania placed in the top 3 among 15 JA student companies competing to win the JA Company of the Year at Junior Achievement’s (JA) 2019 National Student Leadership Summit (NSLS). The Collegeville teens representing their student company in Washington D.C. were awarded a scholarship. The scholarships provided to the five students represent each of the top three finishing teams. The team members of the third-place team were awarded a $500 (3rd place scholarship by the Achievement Foundation. “We are incredibly proud of Denim2Denim’s accomplishments this year, but win or lose, the experience

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