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SEWN Advisory on benefits & limitations of the PA Shared Work Program

The Shared Work Program allows employers to temporarily reduce their workforce during seasonal or temporary downturns. The program allows the company to reduce hours by 20% to 40% per week (1-2 days per week). For Companies, the main benefits of the Shared Work Program are: Retains experienced employees; Provides flexibility to maintain worker productivity; Maintains full staff for future company growth; Reduces future hiring and retraining costs. For Employees, the main benefits of the Shared Work Program are: Wages from other employers do not reduce Shared-Work benefits; Employees will receive more benefits during weeks of reduced hours than under regular unemployment compensation (UC) req

Managing Your Company Through the Downturn

As the stock market plummets from repercussions of the global oil crisis and ongoing restrictions from the coronavirus, many manufacturers are faced with reassessing their day-to-day operations. These stressors can turn into opportunity for companies who are willing to take a look at their options. According to news in transportation, port traffic in large cities such as Los Angeles declined by 25 percent last month. Impacted by coronavirus restrictions, this has caused many companies to reevaluate their global outreach. Stateside-based companies should be investigating these potential reshoring efforts not only from the purchasing standpoint but also their own customer base. With the rapidl

Preparing Your Company for the Potential Pandemic

COVID-19, AKA coronavirus, has reached a grander scale than originally anticipated. While hospitals and health departments ramp up their plans, manufacturing should definitely not be excluded. The epidemic in China has now stretched its arms into numerous other countries including the U.S. which has begun affecting exports and a potential shortage of completing orders. As an organization who works with manufacturers facing issues from cash flow to marketing challenges, SEWN has put together a quick list of some strategies manufacturers should consider to brace for the potential impact: What Are the Work Options for Your Employees: While most advice is pointing to working from home, it is no

State Appropriations Hearings

The Senate and House Appropriation Committees met in February for budget hearings with the Department of Labor & Industry. House Representative Austin Davis (D-PA) for the 35th District and Senator Bob Mensch (R-PA) from the 24th District presented their own commentary and questions on the Strategic Early Warning Network. Thank you to both Rep. Davis and Sen. Mensch for your ongoing support of our program! Click the photo below to watch Sen. Mensch's testimony.

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