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Four Post-PPP Coronavirus Relief Programs for Small Biz

The Paycheck Protection Program expired on August 8. These coronavirus relief programs will still be available. The sun once again set on the Paycheck Protection Program--the $669 billion forgivable loan scheme for besieged small businesses--and Congress is still fighting over a Phase 4 bill. You may be wondering about your other relief funding options. Here are four programs still available for business owners in need of aid during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Federal disaster loans When Congress passed the Cares Act in March, it not only authorized the Paycheck Protection Program, which has helped more than five million businesses access more than $521 billion in grant and loan fundin

Can the Circular Economy Save Us? Experts are Betting on It

With the global economy in a free fall and much of the world in crisis mode, the tendency can be to focus on putting out the little fires rather than look up and see the real threat on the horizon: a planet in big trouble. For Accenture’s Peter Lacy, co-author of The Circular Economy Handbook, the circular economy is the blueprint to recovery, and there’s no time to waste. The circular economy offers business a way to step up “You can't be a successful business in a failing economy or failing planet. That's really where it starts. The global economy has been in free free fall at points in the last three or four months in ways that we haven't seen in 200 years of economic history. It’s not th

As reshoring interest rises, consultants offer assistance — and one Pa. manufacturer offers a warnin

Thanks to COVID-19, bringing manufacturing work back to the U.S. is a hot-button issue again. Now, some business organizations are offering companies their assistance bringing facilities back to American soil. Their pitches go like this: After decades of seeking out low-cost labor and access to new markets sent American jobs elsewhere, COVID-19 has exposed U.S. overreliance on offshore manufacturing, and with recent tariff spats with trade partners and rising wages overseas, “reshoring” these facilities and jobs is the way to avoid supply-chain risks. Recent data shows reshoring interest is growing. New York City-based supplier network Thomasnet surveyed 878 U.S. companies in manufacturing a

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