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Manufacturing Diversification

Today’s business environment is experiencing an unprecedented siege of outside influences such as the global pandemic, industry consolidation, supply chain interruption, complicated import/export market dynamics, and labor dynamics never before experienced. The shifting dynamics characteristic of these environments and their corresponding market responses have introduced exposure to new “risk”. Firms, to successfully manage positioning in their marketplace, must look at diversification as a strategy to insulate their exposure, drive out risk, and strengthen their positioning. Many companies, at the point of making decisions around diversification, are already in trouble and may be symptomat

The State of Manufacturing in Pennsylvania

Currently, there is no sector or business unaffected by COVID-19. In Pennsylvania, there are roughly 14,000 small and medium sized manufacturers facing new and unique sets of problems in their attempt to survive or thrive. Like all types of businesses, these companies are struggling with finding ways to continue serving their respective audiences. Our organization, the Steel Valley Authority (SVA), runs what is called the Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN, for short). SEWN provides free layoff aversion services to these companies when they are in distress – which right now, is more businesses than usual. Through federal funding under the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, SEWN is mana

Staying On Top of Your COVID Safety Processes

I recently watched a LEAN Enterprise Institute video on Safe, Smart Steps for Restarting Production. The presenters from GE Appliance and Herman Miller Performance provided a range of tactics on employee safety from curtains between assembly persons to installing thermal cameras to test temperatures of employees entering the plant. As various regions across the state establish monitoring procedures of businesses, we all need to make sure we’re doing our part to flatten this curve. Not every SME can afford something as high-tech as thermal cameras, but the video did provide some more practical applications to help ensure the continued safety of employees. Create barriers on the line by incorp

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