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Facing Loan Payment Delinquency? SEWN can Help you Navigate the Storm with these Steps

Falling behind on loan payments can feel like a sinking ship, but businesses facing this challenge don't have to resign themselves to rough waters. With proactive action and clear communication, companies can stabilize their situation and regain control of their finances. Here are some crucial steps to take:

1. Assess the Situation:

  • Identify the cause: Is it a temporary cash flow hiccup, an industry downturn, or a structural problem within the business? Understanding the root cause helps tailor effective solutions.

  • Quantify the shortfall: How much is delinquent and over what period? This informs the urgency and potential severity of the situation.

2. Communicate with your Lender:

  • Don't wait for them to contact you: Open and honest communication is key. Explain the reasons for the delay and proactively propose solutions. SEWN can help you with those difficult conversations.

  • Explore alternatives: Discuss options like payment deferrals, loan restructuring, or renegotiating terms. Lenders are often willing to work with borrowers who demonstrate transparency and a commitment to resolving the issue.

3. Tighten the Ship:

  • Implement cost-cutting measures: SEWN can help you assess expenses and identify areas where spending can be reduced without compromising operations.

  • Boost revenue generation: Analyze sales channels and consider strategies to increase income, like promotions, special offers, or expanding product lines.

4. Build a Recovery Plan:

  • Create a realistic budget: Our Directors can help you project future income and expenses to forecast debt repayment potential.

  • Set achievable goals: Break down the overall repayment into manageable milestones to maintain motivation and track progress.

  • Seek additional funding: SEWN can help you explore alternative financing options to carefully compare terms and rates to avoid further debt burdens.


  • Early action is critical: The sooner you address the issue, the more options you have and the easier it is to resolve.

  • Transparency and communication are key: Maintain open dialogue with your lender and be proactive in proposing solutions.

  • Focus on recovery: Develop a clear plan, implement cost-saving measures, and actively work towards financial stability.

By taking these steps, businesses can weather the storm of loan delinquencies and navigate towards a calmer financial future. The important thing is to act decisively, communicate effectively, and focus on the path to recovery. Contact SEWN to discuss your situation and options.


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