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A No-Cost Effort to Push Manufacturing Through Coronavirus

Employees are afraid or unwilling to come to work for fear of infection, what do I do?

  • My business is deemed essential but some of my supply chains are not, what do I do?

  • Business cash flow is depleting quickly, what do I do?

Questions like these are plaguing manufacturers who are experiencing a new level of fear and frustration in this COVID-19 era. They are inundated daily with emails and calls from organizations promising assistance but have no idea who to trust. Government programs are launched but by the time they understand how or where to apply, funding has run out or deadlines have passed. The Steel Valley Authority’s Strategic Early Warning Network (SEWN) is the long-standing first line of defense in manufacturing turnaround assistance who can help companies address these concerns and other critical questions.

As Pennsylvania’s only layoff aversion program, SEWN has provided services at no-cost to companies in the manufacturing sector for over three decades. Using federal funding administered by the PA Department of Labor & Industry, SEWN has assisted over 1100 companies saving nearly 30,000 jobs since its inception. Pennsylvania legislators have touted SEWN as a trusted resource for small and medium sized businesses before and throughout the current COVID-19 crisis.

SEWN is in the business of utilizing innovative and forward-thinking methods of guiding companies through their most challenging times. Working with partners in Rapid Response, state & local Departments of Community & Economic Development agencies, and an extensive broad reaching private and public sector network, SEWN works as the statewide conduit for our manufacturers to connect them with the resources needed to achieve success.

To further assist companies with planning during this pandemic, SEWN has developed a graphic on how companies can control the controllable. Now, more than ever, it is critical for manufacturers to look at the state of their business and take control of what they can. Our Coronavirus business resource page offers small and medium sized companies access to services and information from our federal, state, and local partners.

SEWN’s free consulting services are critical as manufacturers struggle to remain viable during this economic downturn. If you own, work for, or know of a manufacturer in Pennsylvania who can benefit from SEWN’s free services, have them call the Manufacturing Distress Line at 1-866-SVA-8832 or visit www.steelvalley.org/SEWN. For Pennsylvania manufacturers, SEWN is THE turnaround authority in tough economic times.

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