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R-E-S-P-E-C-T Workers Find What It Means to Them

The labor shortage across industries is not just attributed to money. Workers today not only want to find value in their work but want to feel valued by their employers. Old school tactics of boss/worker hierarchy fall on deaf ears in this new PC (post-COVID) working world from employees of all generations.

A recent article from Industry Week discusses how leaders need demonstrate a level of empathy with their employees. The five main ways to cultivate this new perspective include:

  1. Learn to accept and embrace change.

  2. Ask your employees questions and then implement changes to improve their experience.

  3. Rethink benefit packages and include perks that demonstrate the importance of the safety of your employees.

  4. Listen more than you talk!

  5. Bring technology into your HR practice, so all of this is systemized and easy.

Your teams members are evolving and companies need to evolve with them. If you are seeking new strategies for organizational restructuring or team building, contact SEWN to schedule your no-cost, no obligation consultation!


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