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Sales and Marketing in the New Year

We are once again starting a new year struggling to find ways to connect with our customers. Consumers are equally frustrated by the barrage of messaging they are hit with through texts, emails, commercials, social media etc. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to successful marketing - if I had it, I’d be a billionaire.

What does this mean? All we can do is learn from lots of trial and error. With the mountains of newsletters we get, SEWN has put together a short list of the sales/marketing trends we saw for 2022:

  1. Don’t hand out fluff. If your company has a well-defined solution to a problem, promote it. Buyers always want to know how you can help them. The Interactive Advertising Bureau noted that consumers found efficiency in ads more appealing than those which were “fun.” It’s not to say that you shouldn’t throw out the occasional meme but keep an eye on what’s trending in real time.

  2. Getting a big bang for your buck. With increased advertising costs and trade-shows few & far between, digital ads are trending. With that comes the need to track what kind of ROI it’s generating. Don’t feel the need to be everywhere for everyone. Find one platform that works best for you and kill it!

  3. Google still dominates. If you haven’t secured your Google Business Profile, this is the year to do it. Not familiar? Open up Google.com and look up any business name. See that box that pops up on the right – that’s it. Make sure your business shows up there; otherwise, your customers aren’t finding you. Need help doing it – contact us.

  4. Video killed the radio ad. HubSpot notes 59% of marketers use video and give it a 75% success rate. We’re not talking about a 30-minute presentation on why someone should buy a sprocket from your business. It’s a 30-second clip showing behind the scenes of that sprocket being made or a 60-second clip of how that sprocket makes a machine run to build ventilators. Short clips can be done from anyone’s smart phone and loaded to a social platform in minutes.

Finding sales/marketing challenging? We'll be hosting a Marketing Strategies in the Post-COVID/E-Commerce Driven Marketplace webinar on March 1 (Registration link). Kevin Busza from Profound Technologies will discuss subscription marketing advantages and digital advertising for small service businesses.

SEWN also has a series of videos covering a range of sales, marketing, diversification and more. View them on our website. If you have a topic you'd like to see covered, send us a message at admin@steelvalley.org.


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