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The SEWN Series

SEWN staff and their colleagues around the state have put together a series of webinars and videos aimed at addressing challenges faced by small and medium sized companies. Below is the schedule of E-vents:

February 10

Financial Restructuring & Opportunities in the COVID age using SBA Enhanced Guidelines

SEWN Deputy Director Bob Value and representatives from the Small Business Administration will discuss rethinking the available lending programs for companies.

February 24

8 Quick Cash Flow Generating Strategies

Strategies to leverage when a quick solution is required for a cash flow crisis.

March 10

Organizing for Difficult Times

One thing that may be overlooked when difficult business conditions appear is your organization and how it may need to change.

March 24

Reskilling & Upskilling Employees for the Future of Work

Your business growth is dependent on smart reskilling and upskilling strategies for your workforce.

April 7


April 21

Creating Significant Employee Value Before/During/After Business Transitions

Exploring strategies that would dramatically increase your current business' value to perspective buyers. The lynchpin is your workforce!

May 5

Pricing & Costing

May 19

Market Positioning

The ever-changing landscape of marketing was a challenge pre-COVID. Learn strategies on how to reach customers in a more virtual world.


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