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What's On Your Dashboard?

On a cold January morning in 2022, a typical business owner looks at their daily dashboard report highlighting a couple of key lines under the workforce section:

  • 11 job openings - 2 candidates – 2 offers – 0 new hires

  • 2 pending resignations and 1 departure

With each passing week, the lack of candidates for job openings becomes a larger crisis and the importance of existing employee retention becomes a paramount strategy. The promise of higher wages and better benefits has been a factor of diminishing returns. A composite of several national surveys on the reason workers changed jobs revealed: only one-third moved because of wages and benefits. The remaining two-thirds cited need for better work/life balance or cultural fit or value alignment or more input into their role in the company.

While many organizations have tried multiple strategies to solve these workforce issues, SEWN's historical experience says that employee empowerment through teams and related technology interventions have produced the best results.

The pandemic has redefined the world of work and making it digitally driven.

Further, the future of work has been defined to include remote work options, zoom meetings and manipulating multiple apps and systems. The global consumer economy has already shifted e-commerce platforms and the smart phone dominates communications.

Based on current workforce challenges, consumer marketplace changes, and digital transformation requirements for businesses, SEWN is focusing on assisting companies with the development of an empowerment and technology intervention business model.

To support these strategies, we are hosting two webinars to provide business owner and technology expert insights into how the model would work and the components that drive the change.

March 1st at 11:00 AM

Kevin Busza, Profound Technologies

Customer teams in Post COVID Marketplace

March 17th at 9:00 AM

Vinitha Moskal, Smart Cost Inc.

Technology teams and how they drive change in the digital transformation age


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