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Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Manufacturing Solutions - PECO Financial Incentives Webinar

Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy-related costs can sometimes require investment in new equipment, technology, or controls. Often, companies are eligible to apply for funding assistance to offset the cost of energy efficiency improvement efforts but are uncertain where to find these incentives. During this webinar, we will discuss financial incentives available for small to mid-sized manufacturers throughout Pennsylvania to improve the energy efficiency of their facilities and productivity of their businesses. A representative will also discuss prospects for funding available through PECO, including incentives for upgrading motors, variable-frequency drives, compressed air systems, lighting, chillers and much more. Additional funding prospects will be discussed by a PennTAP advisor. Join us for this webinar to learn more about opportunities for energy savings at your facility and financial incentives from PECO.

Sep 16, 2021 11:00 AM EST

To learn more about opportunities for energy savings at your facility and to register for this webinar, please visit: https://penntap.psu.edu/events/commercial-industrial-ci-manufacturing-solutions-peco-financial-incentives-webinar/


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