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NWIRC - Driving Impact for Manufacturers

Northwest Industrial Resource Center (NWIRC) is a private-public partnership serving manufacturers throughout 13-counties of northwest and north central Pennsylvania for over thirty years. The organization is a strong advocate for manufacturing and is driven by the impact their consulting and training services has on each manufacturing company they work with, the industry as a whole, and the regional economy. Their mission is to improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies by enhancing productivity and technological performance resulting in measurable impact. This is accomplished through the implementation of next generation manufacturing strategies, world-class improvement methodologies and best practices, advanced manufacturing technologies, and customized workforce training and skill development programs.

Services begin with their Strategic Business Advisors (SBA), qualified industry specialists who focus on understanding the company’s business issues, requirements, priorities, challenges, goals, and initiatives. Through an independent and objective perspective, they challenge thinking, explore opportunities for improvement, identify expert resources, assist in the development of customized solutions, and provide project management. Some of specific areas that the NWIRC assist companies include revenue stabilization and growth, managing operating costs, employee training and development, supply chain, cybersecurity, and implementing Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and other Industry 4.0 disciplines.

Currently, NWIRC is leading the COVID-19 Recovery Program (CRP), a coordinated and collaborative initiative by a regional network of partners to assist companies who have been impacted by the pandemic. This no-cost program, funded by the Cares Act, includes an initial business assessment and financial analysis, followed by a thoughtful and thorough tactical action plan to support the company at their current state and accelerate recovery and growth.

NWIRC is part of the NIST MEP* National Network, as one of several Industrial Resource Centers (IRC) that comprise the PA MEP. In 2019, Pennsylvania IRCs had impact reported by their clients of $657.2M in sales increase, $72.7M in cost savings, $167.4 in regional investments, and 5,226 jobs created & retained. This client engagement impact is gathered through a voluntary client survey process conducted by the Fors Marsh Group, an independent market research and analysis firm, as commissioned by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

For more information, visit www.nwirc.org or contact Michael Griffith, Manager of Operations & Business Development, at (814) 217-6065.

* National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)


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